So…I know it has been a while. I got a new job. Which has turned out to be less of a good thing and more of a struggle. I actually quit my job in a management position at the local coffee house because my husband and I felt we were financially stable enough to swing it. I was going to wholly focus on AtticHaus, refinishing, and general creativity. Which was the most amazing thing I could have asked for. It must have been two or three weeks after I gave my notice at the coffee shop, that we found out were going to take a pay cut, and couldn’t afford me not having a steady job. I found another management position rather quickly, by God’s grace, working for Vans. It is full-time, and a feel blessed for the opportunity. However, it has left pretty much Zero room to maintain all of the projects I was so focused on before.  So that is why there have been no new post recently. I haven’t been able to work on anything, which is pretty much crushing my soul! Especially watching so many other friends plugging along, making money and having fun doing the things that make me most happy. I’m jealous and I admit it. While I measure people’s smelly feet, and deal with a vast array of dummies. haha But I can’t say I’m not grateful for such a great job. Anyway, I hope to make, create, and post more in the coming weeks. Hang with me if you want to!