I recently bought two lamps at a garage sale. They are really nice, and they even came with light bulbs! They are not quite my style, so I gave them a little DIY love! Here is the before.

I spray painted them white and bought some little lampshades at target! The lampshades are pretty small and with how skinny the lamp is they look disproportionate.

See what I mean. Little bit o’ lampshade, Lot o’ bit lamp.

Here is what I did:

I had some left over linen from a project I was working on. I used those strips to make a no-sew ruffle around the bottom of the lamp with just hot glue!

Aaaah my weapon of choice!

Just a strip of linen. I didn’t bother with cutting too straight, I like the roughness.

I added the ruffle by just making folds at taking them down with a little dot of glue.

I added a little bit of ribbon in the middle so you didn’t notice the pressed places in the fabric from the glue. I had this ribbon on hand so I just used that, but I am sure there are many other more amazing options your could choose from.

And just that little bit of fabric made the lamp shades look so much more proportional! I love the roughness of the fringy edges. I probably could have been a little more precise with the straightness of the ribbon, but their my lamp shades so crooked it is.

Note the crooked ribbon, don’t do that if you can help it! (Whoops)

Anyway, so that is my no-sew lamp makeover! Hope you like it! I know it makes my room look so happy and custom!