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I found a set of very sad a lonely looking chairs at the local thrift shop not too long ago. These chairs had seen a better day, and it was my job to make them look amazing again. 

This is the better looking of the two chairs, but still in need of love! you can tell they are pretty beat up, but they had good bones.

The weird part about these chairs is that some parts of the chair a clearly plastic, like the top part shown here. While other parts are wood, like the legs, base and back of the chair. This is the amazing upholstery that I had to remove. The checked pattern had a t-shirt and a towel as padding underneath it. 

This seat was covered in several towels and what I assume to be a cut up piece of a car seat cover. I was slightly grossed out taking the material off because of the puffs of dust and who knows what else that would come out with every nail and staple.

Don’t mind my car, the backgrounds always get a little interesting when you take your pictures in the garage. I will keep posting the progress of the chairs, and they will be up for sale soon!