AAAAhhh the bathrooms! What can you say about an outdated bathroom. Your options are to either spend your entire savings in renovations or deal with what you have and make it as cute as possible. In my case I have chosen the latter. And if you don’t know me you can know with certainty from now on, the cheap way will always be the route I choose.

Here are some photos that we took when we first moved in. These few shots don’t do justice to the glory that is the peach colored wainscoting, purple/blue-ish white color on the walls and those lovely fixtures!

The bathroom is very narrow so some of the photos are at strange angles.mmmm that is some classy stuff right there!

The vanity is literally falling apart.

The tracks on three out of the four drawers aren’t even there so the drawers kinda teeter inside the vanity itself.

I’m not sure what happened here, but someone simply attached similar colored molding to the side of the vanity near the wall. Again, professional.

Here you can see the drawers and handles.

Since we don’t have the money to redo the vanity at this point I decided to just give it a little face lift. I took the handles off, scuffed up the finish a little with some sand paper and used a white wash paint.

I pretty much took an old rag, dipped it in water and then paint and smeared in on all the visible wood surfaces. It actually didn’t take that long to do and I was really pleased with the way it turned out. I think just the bit of paint made the whole vanity look so much better!

Obviously the drawer is still broken, but it looks so much better than before.

I also painted the walls, ceiling and wainscoting with a clean cream color. It was called “Parmesan” which I think is funny and awesome. But it made the entire bathroom look so fresh and clean. I also re-finished some fixtures from the other bathroom in the house  and used them in this bathroom.

This is a cute little basket I got from Hobby Lobby. That place is lie the mothership for me.

I couldn’t get a full picture of the shower curtain because the bathroom is so narrow, so this is as good as it gets. But I love that is shear and flowy.

This is the before instagram shot of the fixtures. They were a brassy brown color.

I finished them with a metallic, reflective silver spray paint.

The other little gem i have in this bathroom is the vintage gold frame I found at a garage sale. I just stuck it up on the wall until I get some more decor, but it is so fabulous! The woman I bought it from said they were her great-grandmothers from the 1800’s. Why she sold them I will never know, but her loss is my bathrooms gain!

So far I am pleased with the way this room is shaping up. When we do replace the vanity I will thoroughly document the whole thing and post all the new decor!