Why the Hiatus

So…I know it has been a while. I got a new job. Which has turned out to be less of a good thing and more of a struggle. I actually quit my job in a management position at the local coffee house because my husband and I felt we were financially stable enough to swing it. I was going to wholly focus on AtticHaus, refinishing, and general creativity. Which was the most amazing thing I could have asked for. It must have been two or three weeks after I gave my notice at the coffee shop, that we found out were going to take a pay cut, and couldn’t afford me not having a steady job. I found another management position rather quickly, by God’s grace, working for Vans. It is full-time, and a feel blessed for the opportunity. However, it has left pretty much Zero room to maintain all of the projects I was so focused on before.  So that is why there have been no new post recently. I haven’t been able to work on anything, which is pretty much crushing my soul! Especially watching so many other friends plugging along, making money and having fun doing the things that make me most happy. I’m jealous and I admit it. While I measure people’s smelly feet, and deal with a vast array of dummies. haha But I can’t say I’m not grateful for such a great job. Anyway, I hope to make, create, and post more in the coming weeks. Hang with me if you want to! 



No-Sew Lampshade Makeover!

I recently bought two lamps at a garage sale. They are really nice, and they even came with light bulbs! They are not quite my style, so I gave them a little DIY love! Here is the before.

I spray painted them white and bought some little lampshades at target! The lampshades are pretty small and with how skinny the lamp is they look disproportionate.

See what I mean. Little bit o’ lampshade, Lot o’ bit lamp.

Here is what I did:

I had some left over linen from a project I was working on. I used those strips to make a no-sew ruffle around the bottom of the lamp with just hot glue!

Aaaah my weapon of choice!

Just a strip of linen. I didn’t bother with cutting too straight, I like the roughness.

I added the ruffle by just making folds at taking them down with a little dot of glue.

I added a little bit of ribbon in the middle so you didn’t notice the pressed places in the fabric from the glue. I had this ribbon on hand so I just used that, but I am sure there are many other more amazing options your could choose from.

And just that little bit of fabric made the lamp shades look so much more proportional! I love the roughness of the fringy edges. I probably could have been a little more precise with the straightness of the ribbon, but their my lamp shades so crooked it is.

Note the crooked ribbon, don’t do that if you can help it! (Whoops)

Anyway, so that is my no-sew lamp makeover! Hope you like it! I know it makes my room look so happy and custom!

Stuff Coming Up!



I am trying to get more photos in advance so that I can post them and keep everyone updated on the projects I am currently working on. I just started a new “real” job so I may have less time to do things as often. However, in more awesome news, I have been waiting to do anything too drastic to the kitchen until we officially owned our house. The papers went through on Tuesday and we are officially homeowners!! So you know what that means….Kitchen Makeover!!! Say WHAAAA???!!! Don’t worry I’ll get good “Before” shots so you can get the full majesty of the kitchen as it is now! Anyway, there are some of my newly purchased items and some of the stuff I have been working on.

The Chair:

I found this little gem at an obscure thrift shop in the desert. It’s not antique and is a little too modern for my taste but I liked its shape and I had some ideas to help it look more sleek.

The seat cover was a nice burgundy shade with some pretty stains!

This is the back.

This is the part I dislike about the chair. That bar across the back and the thick outline of the wood is no bueno! I am going to try to see what I can do to work around that. We will see how it turns out.

The legs.

The back padding revealed. I may finally get to use my piping machine for this chair. I got is for Christmas and have been waiting for a chance to use it!

I also stumbled upon a little end table that has no partner but is still so cute. It is in really nice condition and the paint is okay but petty outdated. I am going to make a  vintage french country piece out of this! I may love it enough to keep it because I can already see the finished product in my head!

I love the hardware!

Keep checking in to see updates on these pieces. If anyone is looking for a custom item and they see something they like on here, hit me up on Etsy and I can give you a custom color or style! I love doing custom pieces for people so don’t be shy!

Chair makeover Part 1


, , ,

I found a set of very sad a lonely looking chairs at the local thrift shop not too long ago. These chairs had seen a better day, and it was my job to make them look amazing again. 

This is the better looking of the two chairs, but still in need of love! you can tell they are pretty beat up, but they had good bones.

The weird part about these chairs is that some parts of the chair a clearly plastic, like the top part shown here. While other parts are wood, like the legs, base and back of the chair. This is the amazing upholstery that I had to remove. The checked pattern had a t-shirt and a towel as padding underneath it. 

This seat was covered in several towels and what I assume to be a cut up piece of a car seat cover. I was slightly grossed out taking the material off because of the puffs of dust and who knows what else that would come out with every nail and staple.

Don’t mind my car, the backgrounds always get a little interesting when you take your pictures in the garage. I will keep posting the progress of the chairs, and they will be up for sale soon!

Bathroom Update! Woo hoo!



AAAAhhh the bathrooms! What can you say about an outdated bathroom. Your options are to either spend your entire savings in renovations or deal with what you have and make it as cute as possible. In my case I have chosen the latter. And if you don’t know me you can know with certainty from now on, the cheap way will always be the route I choose.

Here are some photos that we took when we first moved in. These few shots don’t do justice to the glory that is the peach colored wainscoting, purple/blue-ish white color on the walls and those lovely fixtures!

The bathroom is very narrow so some of the photos are at strange angles.mmmm that is some classy stuff right there!

The vanity is literally falling apart.

The tracks on three out of the four drawers aren’t even there so the drawers kinda teeter inside the vanity itself.

I’m not sure what happened here, but someone simply attached similar colored molding to the side of the vanity near the wall. Again, professional.

Here you can see the drawers and handles.

Since we don’t have the money to redo the vanity at this point I decided to just give it a little face lift. I took the handles off, scuffed up the finish a little with some sand paper and used a white wash paint.

I pretty much took an old rag, dipped it in water and then paint and smeared in on all the visible wood surfaces. It actually didn’t take that long to do and I was really pleased with the way it turned out. I think just the bit of paint made the whole vanity look so much better!

Obviously the drawer is still broken, but it looks so much better than before.

I also painted the walls, ceiling and wainscoting with a clean cream color. It was called “Parmesan” which I think is funny and awesome. But it made the entire bathroom look so fresh and clean. I also re-finished some fixtures from the other bathroom in the house  and used them in this bathroom.

This is a cute little basket I got from Hobby Lobby. That place is lie the mothership for me.

I couldn’t get a full picture of the shower curtain because the bathroom is so narrow, so this is as good as it gets. But I love that is shear and flowy.

This is the before instagram shot of the fixtures. They were a brassy brown color.

I finished them with a metallic, reflective silver spray paint.

The other little gem i have in this bathroom is the vintage gold frame I found at a garage sale. I just stuck it up on the wall until I get some more decor, but it is so fabulous! The woman I bought it from said they were her great-grandmothers from the 1800’s. Why she sold them I will never know, but her loss is my bathrooms gain!

So far I am pleased with the way this room is shaping up. When we do replace the vanity I will thoroughly document the whole thing and post all the new decor!

My $12 chair!

Not too long ago I was on my way to do something, I really don’y remember what, when I saw that Salvation Army was having a big sale. I stopped and perused through some furniture! I stumbled upon a sad and very 80’s looking rolling desk chair. I liked it because it was really lush and big and not your usual desk chair. Maybe it was part of a rolly chair dining set (which would also be sad and 80’s). Anyway it was originally 20-something dollars, but was marked down to $12. Now the real awesome thing about this story is me shoving this enormous rolling chair into the back seat of my little red Jetta. Now, the Salvation Army thrift shop is really not in the best part of town. So I was trying really hard to get the chair in the car without talking to anyone or seeming like a lost, stupid girl who needed assistance. Especially since there was a middle aged man with some awesome looking purple sweat pants following me around the store “inconspicuously” calling me the “nice lady” to his two kids, who would not stop demanding ice-cream at the top of their lungs. 

Anywho, my big plan with this chair was to reupholster it so it would look way cute behind my fabulous white desk my husband so generously whipped out the credit card for. But, like I have explained before, I’m not the best at taking before photos because I get so excited to start my projects that I pretty much just forget. So I took a few with the trusty iphone of the before material.Image

Mmmmm so fabulous right???

I decided that I would use a cheap trick I had discovered. I bought a giant size canvas drop cloth from Lowes for $15 bucks! I didn’t bother taking the other material off, I just upholstered right over it, being careful to mark any areas where I needed to screw back in the attachments I had removed. It was a pretty tricky process but it turned out great. 


This is the seat of the chair.


This is the almost finished product.

I kinda messed up the back of the chair but cutting the fabric too small. As a consequence The back of the chair looked a little less awesome than the rest of the chair.


I had been reading about ruffles and how amazing they are to do on chairs because you don’t have to sew anything you can glue them if you want. So to fix the back part of the chair I decided to add a bunch of ruffles!


-Don’t mind my painted hands!


And it turned out amazing! I busted out my hot glue gun, grabbed the scraps from the material I had used for the chair and there you have it! I love the way it turned out! I think it would be so cute to do on other chairs or even bar stools. Here is the for real finished product: